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Re: Automatic Chain Sharpener - under $300
« on: May 08, 2019, 08:29:55 pm »
Philbert's Summary - Part 3

Hand filing chains requires some knowledge, skill, and experience for proficiency. Grinders generally produce more uniform cutters, and are faster when a lot a material needs to be removed. In fairness, it takes some knowledge, skill, and experience to become adept using most grinders as well.

Inexpensive, manual chain grinders can improve cutter edges with standard angles, but often have limited power. Other automated chain grinders cost more than my first few cars! It is most fair, therefore, to compare the FP1000 to other grinders in a similar price range.

The Oregon / Tecomec style grinders generally have more powerful motors and larger diameter wheels. Depending on the model, most offer a greater range of angle options for custom cutter profiles, especially 'hook' angles, for those who desire those options, and understand how to set them up.

With the right wheels, these manual grinders will work on any (round ground) chain. They have the power to grind away a lot of material when fixing a damaged cutter, or re-profiling a chain. Incremental adjustments are somewhat intuitive (e.g. turning a knob slightly lets you see the cutter or wheel move a similar amount).

Even though a few models have 'automatic' clamping mechanisms, grinding with them is a highly repetitive, mundane task. So, if the additional capabilities are not required, an automated grinder could be very attractive, and the TEMCo is the only automated grinder currently offered in this price range.

Greater control or automated operation? Few people in these threads have just one chainsaw: no reason why they can only have one way to sharpen chains!

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