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Re: Bow Bars
« on: November 22, 2014, 02:56:10 am »
To give you and idea of how the bow bars are made . . . .
The first picture is of a rim part of a bow blade. This particular example the guy is trying to sell on Ebay without the saw adapter. He says he has the adapter but doesn't present it or tell which saw it is for. You can see where the adapter for the saw bolts on. But most of the newer bars are made from this rim with a piece of 1/4" steel plate welded at the throat to adapt the bar to the mount on the chainsaw. The bars as shown in picture #1 were used on some of the old Homelite gear drive chainsaws and there was a clamp mechanism on the saw that held these bars in place. When you removed the bar, all you had was what is in the picture, the attachment mechanism stayed on the Homelite.

The 2nd picture is of a complete bar and if you enlarge and look closely you can see where the saw adapter was welded in and the slot and hole for the tensioner are. There's typically a oil hole and there is a drilled hole down through from the slot of the bar to the oil hole. With the picture enlarged you can see the hard facing on this bar also. I count 85 driver links.

I'm telling you this as there are bars that come up on Ebay all the time for old chainsaws. Many of these have never been used. I have one like this that was for a Mac and you can see where someone welded up the holes and reworked the slot and holes for a D009 big Husky mount.
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