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Re: Chain breaker and spinner
« Reply #10 on: October 25, 2013, 12:24:47 pm »
660Magnum - I really like the replacement punch video!  But I am not a machinist. I would have to pay someone a lot more (in cash or beer) to make one for me than the $5 -$6 for the replacement ones (assuming that they are available).   That would be a great service to offer on a forum like this!

That is also a good reason to consider the Oregon brand sets - parts availability is more reliable.

Cut4Fun - I have spent a few hours searching eBay for pre-sets. You may have better luck or may be more persistent!  Often can't find specific size/type needed (unless its a very common Oregon size), and then once you add the shipping, it is often not such a good deal.

With Bailey's I can order by the piece at the same price (actually cheaper than their bulk pricing?) and I always add them to an existing order, so shipping is 'free'.

The best deal is a 'buddy' who runs one size chain, buys in reels, and has lots left over!  I have collected more than a dozen different types for various chains I work on, and that is not counting that the newer ones are different on the Right and Left sides.  Obviously, it is easier if you only use one or two sizes/types of chain.

Buying from the STIHL dealer was for a re-sizing project: when we upgraded from MS250's to MS261's the new saws used the same chains, but due to the different mount bar, a '16-inch loop' was now 67 drive links instead of 62 DL. I 'spun up' two dozen or so loops, saving us the cost of replacement, but needed 2 sets per loop.



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