Author Topic: i think my chain is screwed any tips are greatly appreciated  (Read 375 times)

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i cant wait to be able to help others magnum. and your right philbert, it is addictive, i bought a 450 because i had one tree fall in my backyard and i was too cheap to hire the right ppl to come cut it down, but i love cutting, and am finding more and more reasons to own a saw, i rent my so called services out to a couple buddies who need about 20 cords per year to heat their houses and shops, so i make it all back, the reason i was gonna get a spinner and breaker was because then when i butcher another chain i can just buy a spool and never have a problem, and i hate downtime, i have an extra chain, bar, bolts, carb screw driver, fuel, oil, sparkplugs, sharpeners, everything i need even if i just step out the door, some call me an extremist, i call myself prepared lol

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Don't lend your saw out to any of your buddies or it may ruin your day. Unknowing people tend to tear them up.

You always run your own saw.
We should share what we know... someone may learn...
That knowledge can live after us... and that "Pays It Forward".
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Don't lend your saw out to any of your buddies or it may ruin your day. Unknowing people tend to tear them up.

You always run your own saw.

+1 on that.
PP 505, 475, 445.

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For older saws:
Tune the H side so that it 4-strokes (burbles) at WOT unloaded and just cleans up when under load.
When you lift cutting load, the saw should immediately revert to 4-stroking.  Fine tune the transition point for the wood you're cutting.

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haha funny you should say that... thats why i bought one, i had a buddy who needed some trees chopped down to move a house to his acreage plot and we screwed around with his dads chainsaws for an hr or two before we just chopped them down with axes lol. i swore then id never own a piece of crap saw lol


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