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Re: Oregon LPX vs LGX chain
« Reply #10 on: November 06, 2016, 05:27:08 pm »
I recall some one saying somthing about Oregon vanguard chain, how it's the best of 2 worlds, speed and smooth cut. has anyone used it?


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Vanguard to me is root cutting chain for a chain I dont care about. I would never ever buy it.

Same here.  The loops of VG that has come my way on used saws are saved for roots/stumps/lumber/crapwood cutting.  Last year I took out an old apple tree alongside the gravel drive to the shop.  Should have been using a saw running some beater VG chain.  Instead, I grabbed one of my Poulan S25-CVAs as the tree wasn't big and the saw was handy.  All went fine until I started sectioning down the stump.  At about 18" from the ground, the chain stopped cutting for **** and veered off to one side (upwards, as I was making a horizontal cut).  Turns out, the stump was hollow and rodents had brought dirt and ROCKS up into the stump up to the level of my cut.  Really buggered up a good, freshly filed loop of 3/8-LP.  @#$@%@%@%@#%#@%....

These are probably the best pics I have of that stump for showing how hollow it is.  It was filled with dirt and gravel up to the cut.  It's cleared out a few inches down from the top now, as rain has washed dirt out of it.  The cut is curved upwards under the saws in the pics....


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