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Re: i like cheap saws!
« on: July 07, 2013, 03:57:38 pm »
overhaul carby and fuel lines and it will do the trick  ;D

that was the plan from the get go :)
2 issues with the jonny:
going to have to look at the points. went through the carb. it was fairly clean and really didn't need to be touched, but re-cleaned and rebuilt anyway.
still has the same bog. starts, idles, and revs fine. cuts pretty good also, but the bog is there. not enough to stall, or even close to that, but it bogs. it isn't an air leak. without taking the flywheel and clutch off to see if there is any leakage with soapy water, i threw on the the pump and tested it. the guage holds pretty good between 5-6psi. and when i throw the hand pump on it to test for vac, it shows no leakage.
piston is sealing perfect, no foggy mess coming out of the carb when running it. it will tune all the way rich to too lean properly. holds the tune properly.
i figure somebody has been under the flywheel and maybe has the points gap set to big. or they're worn. but it doesn't miss a beat. no miss, sputter, just smooth. only for that bog.

also need the lower top handle antivibe on the pull start side. the handle had a pretty good tweak to it. i have the handle twisted back the where it's supposed to be, but nothing to use for a rubber mount.
does anybody have a lead on a good one or maybe a suitable replacement?
when I grow up, i wanna be an adult.


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