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Re: Saws and Cars
« Reply #50 on: January 26, 2017, 11:11:54 am »
You in Winnipeg for that?
Never knew manufactures were  sponsors on cars.   8)
Appears to have been very poplar in the early to mid 1970's.
More pictures coming tomorrow. I'm presently in the city getting an MRI on my left shoulder this afternoon.

Going to be moving around some of those water molecules and emitting some RF.   Really good for showing soft tissue images. 
Roy,  yep in Winnipeg.
I flew out yesterday morning and got in the city by 8:30am. MRI appointment wasn't until 5:00. So I went to the movies and watched The Founder, Michael Keaton's portrayal of Ray Kroc. Great movie a must see.

MRI was noisy painful for having to lay in that tube for 20 minutes without moving a muscle.
7:30 pm got back on our local airline's 328 Jet return flight back to Thompson. We just clear the runway and get to about 10,000 ft and we start to lose power going from near idle to mid power back and forth as we lose altitude......all the way back to the airport!
Pilots landed us safely and we're back in the airport downing shots in the lounge
Airline brings their other 328Jet out of their hanger and we're back on our way with free drinks on the house.
So much for my New Years resolution  :D :D
Making a living with a saw since age 16.


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