Author Topic: What saw are you looking for ?  (Read 1569 times)

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Re: What saw are you looking for ?
« on: December 15, 2013, 11:58:59 pm »
What saw is on your list to find?   

I'm just looking on the cheap for poulan 3000 even though I have a Craftsman 3.0 in grey.  Found a builder not so cheap for what it is but still more then I'd pay.
Wouldnt mind finding a cheap stihl 261 builder still stock.
Maybe a husky 242.
partner 7700 710 660 are always on my want list.  But pretty rare even abroad.  Not into shipping saws in from abroad just to add to my saws.  ::)
Be neat to check out that husky 572xp.  ;D

Key words CHEAP for a cheapazz  ;) :D

Out of necessity, I'm also doing the saw thing on the CHEAP.  Got more saws than I 'need' by a long stretch.  Thinning the herd..........adding to it...................thinning the herd again......................adding more saws again.  Neverending cycle.

For the most part, it's not a matter of finding a saw (or 'looking' for it)'s finding one cheap enough that's still worth putting time/money into.  Here's my 'big list'.  Some are practical, others are 'pie in the sky'.

-McCulloch 82cc (SP80 thru DE-80) parts and saws.  Gotta keep the fleet runnin'.
-McCulloch CP125 parts saw to help bring my CP125 back from the dead.
-McCulloch SP125.
-McCulloch 797.
-Poulan 7700/8500 saw, and more 4200-8500 parts.  Spares are good.
-Husky 266/268/272XP to build a second one, and more parts.  I run my 272XP quite a bit, and spares be good.
-Poulan Pro 655BP.
-Homelite 3100G.
-Homelite XL-100 Circular Saw.
-Homelite XL-400A.
-Dolmar 120 Super.
-Dolmar 9010.
-Low-top Husqvarna 181/281/288 to build, plus more 181-288 parts. 
Got a nice 1989 300th Anniversary 288XP to rebuild now....and spares are good.:D
-McCulloch 895.
-Homelite 9-23 thru 995D.
-Homelite 9-26 thru 995G.
-Poulan Pro Super 380 or Poulan 3750.
-Homelite 770GS 'Stick Shift'.
-McCulloch Super 550.
-Homelite XL-98 Cutoff Saw.
-Homelite DM20 Demo Saw.
-McCulloch 77.
-McCulloch W170 Welder.
-Homelite chainsaw engine based pumps and generators.
-Homelite XL-12 based brush cutter.
-McCulloch 3-10E, 5-10E, or 10-10E complete with battery box.
-Lombard 68cc or larger 'XL-12 influenced' saw.  AP-42, Comango, etc.
-McCulloch 99.
-Solo Twin.
-Echo CS610EVL.
-SD KMS4 Wankel.
-Mercury/Disston or IEL Twin.
-Poulan 451.
-Homelite 8800.
-Craftsman 5.2-30.
-Craftsman 4.2-24.
-Craftsman 3.6-20.
-Craftsman 4.5-24.
-Craftsman 1.8A (Echo CS302S).