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Re: Oregon 40V Work Light WL275
« on: June 11, 2016, 03:40:53 pm »
Went out to try it last night as soon as it got dark.  Casts a pretty wide beam, with gentle illumination over a broad area.  With it's size, weight, and light output, I felt like I was carrying a high-tech Coleman lantern, without the hissing noise.  Tried it on the 'High' (1091 rated lumens) and 'Low' (584 rated lumens) settings.  Provides nice, general area lighting.

I 'compared' it to some other lights I have, including a corded LED light with a smaller lens (830 rated lumens), and a more conventional, 500 watt halogen work light, with a similar size lens and reflector as the WL275.  There were clearly some objective differences that could be measured if one had the fancy instruments.  Subjectively, I could notice some differences in apparent brightness, color, coverage, etc.  But only if I was being picky. 

I also compared it to a Rayovac, hand-held spotlight rated at 500 lumens (runs on 6 AA batteries), which clearly sent light farther down the alley for spot illumination, but did not light up the yard like the Oregon light. So comparisons have to consider the form factor of the light (e.g. spot or flood, lens size, etc.) as well as rated lumens.

Overall, I am very pleased with this, initially, as an accessory to my Oregon 40V OPE.  If I had to buy the batteries and charger just to use this one light, I would have to think about it a bit, and see what else is available.  Could be a great option for a lot of places where temporary or emergency lighting is needed: compact, powerful, easy to use.  I still remember when a single halogen light bolted to a 1000 watt Honda generator (like the photo attached - *NOT the WL275*) was cutting edge in portable, emergency lighting!
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