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Re: Oregon Stihl Husky battery powered trim saws
« Reply #60 on: May 23, 2015, 03:59:43 am »

I bought the CS250 for myself as a christmas gift :)

Been using it rather regularly for 5 months now.

I must say I really like it for the easiness of use and torque.

A few issues:
-Chain has really high kickback, might be due to high torque too.
-Chain tends to tension itself when blade bends slightly upwards during use. This can be avoided by pushing the blade upwards while fastening the blade screw thing.
-2.4Ah batteries do not last long per charge

In Finland the saw cost 600euros with one battery when I bought it. 200 more for a second battery.
So it is expensive. And in fact I bought it from Germany cheaper.
But say I would pay 400 for a decent gas saw and spend 400more on 200liters of gasoline...after that it is a winwin situation :)

Anyway, I wonder what cells are used in the 4.0Ah pack?
High power cells tend to have low capacity. A 18650 cell is often just 1500 or 1600mAh...

With the 2pcs of  2.4Ah packs I can cut maybe one cubic meter of firewood, then I take a break and do something else (such as carry logs or something else) later in the day I can cut another cubic meter.
As we only use about 10 cubic meters of firewood per year this cordless saw will not make my working days much longer on average:)
In fact I decided I will not buy any garden tools using fossil fuels any more. A small thing I can do for mother earth, my neighbours, lungs and ears :)

When just cutting down a small tree, this thing rocks. No filling gas, no starting, no stopping et.c. et.c.

I would like to build a 10Ah backpack battery, like Pellenc has. This is a must if taking it out to the forest.
But I have not even managed to open the original battery pack, seems both screwed and glued.

Anyone else built a better battery (and charger) for the CS250?

Also anyone done any service on the gear system in the saw?
I am wondering if cleaning and lubing would be needed after months of semi-heavy use :)


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