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Re: Dolmar 9000
« on: October 27, 2017, 08:54:58 pm »
Info from Scott

Dolmar 134

OK the Dolmar PS9000 was originally going to be named a 134 as introduced on the DEC 1990 front cover of "Chain Saw Age" a wee bit of trivia for ya.. When we first got the PS9000's they were a bit soggy in weight from what we were told they would be. That being said they ran OK but were governed through the coil at way to low of RPM. Then they came out with a unlimited coil for them and if everything was in tune they were better. But they ate quite a few coils and also I experienced quite a few seizures as well. The saw with the unlimited coil was a tad temper-mental everything had to be in tune for it to live and still today some still do.

Then Came the redesigned PS9010 and it had a different Flywheel, Coil, and a Tilloston carb instead of that damn Bing carb. Then the saw became reliable and it makes a great 28" - 48" saw if your only planning on a 20" or a 24" I would rather use the lighter PS7900. Both the PS7900 and the PS9010 turn 13,500 RPM but the hp and torque go up with the PS9010 from the extra displacement. The PS9000 can and should be upgraded to the PS9010 flywheel and coil as far as the carb change its not necessary but I prefer the Tilloston.

There has been many a rumor of a replacement for the PS9010 in the near future its been named the PS9900 I would love to see this but I'm not hearing anything good from the rumor mill as far as a ETA

Its my belief that the Bing carb could not keep up with the extra RPM's of the unlimited coil.

updated 9010 kit coil and flywheel 957143010
tilloston carb HS294a 024150010
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