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Dolmar Heavy Duty Filter Kit For 6400, 7300, 7900 Famly
« on: January 08, 2012, 03:34:37 am »
Heavy Duty Air Filter Dolmar 6400, 7300, 7900 Family

Overview: A heavy duty filter kit with a pleated paper filter and a felt slip over jacket. This heavy duty filter kit is some what like that offered on saws like the Husqvarna 372 and Stihl 660 saws. This is a retro fit kit that is not available on a new saw unless dealer or owner installed.

It may be cheaper and more convenient at your Dolmar dealer?

Installation tools needed are a small flat screw driver, long reach T-27 Torx wrench, and needle nose pliers.

The copy of the instructions that come with the kit are rather small and hard to read. The following PDF file is a Dolmar service bulletin with larger pictures and a better explanation of the individual parts than the multi language leaflet that comes in the kit.

The Dolmar complete refit kit part number is 957 173 400

The parts of the kit are all available individually as replacement is needed.

- Some notes on the installation -

The existing air filter cover, air filter retaining clip, and air filter are to be removed.

Twist the choke lever 90 degrees to the left to unhook it from the lever on the carb and remove.

Next, there is a flat rubber shield between the intake elbow and the very back of the air box that must be removed using needle nose pliers. It has some small tabs that lock it into place but a slight push forward releases the tabs. It covers the access holes where you use the T-27 wrench to completely loosen but do not remove the carb retaining screws.

At this point the instructions do not mention it, but you must reach in and pull up on the carb to unsnap a ball on the bottom of the carb intake elbow from the air box floor. Then you can remove the original carb intake elbow, the two screws, and their sleeves from the carb from above the air box. Do not take out the carb. Just raise it enough to remove the elbow and screws.

Remove the two screws and washers from the front floor of the air box that hold the front hood on the saw. Just remove the screws, do not disturb the front hood.

- New Parts Installation -

Fetch the new carb intake elbow from the kit box and fit the rubber boot (bellows) over the intake part of the boot with the little square tab towards the rear. Take note that the boot is somewhat bell shaped and by looking at the pictures orient it in the correct direction.

Insert the carb screws into the new elbow and then slide the nylon sleeves over the screws. Lift up the carb slightly and insert this new elbow assembly into the carb. Replug the new elbow ball into the rubber socket in the floor of the air box. Reaching through the two little square holes on the rear of the air box floor, tighten the screws with your T-27 Torx wrench. Be careful and do not over tighten and strip the threads from the rubber boot on the other side of the carb.

Now re-install the choke leaver by inserting and twisting the connecting rod to the right into the choke lever on the carb.

Select the new filter bottom from the air box and place the big hole over the rubber boot (bellows) of the elbow. Fold up a corner of the boot and begin the thread the rubber flange through the big hole. When the rubber piece is all the way through the air filter floor, the air filter floor plate tabs should now lock into the two square holes in the rear of the air box and the assembly should fit snuggly onto the air box floor and the front holes should align up with the existing holes of the front of the air box floor. Use the new screws and washers to retain the filter floor. There is a small tab on the rubber boot that that must be positioned under a little tab at the rear of the filter floor.

Get the new pleated paper air filter and felt sleeve from the kit box and place on the filter. Take note that the larger flange of the pleated filter goes towards the rubber bellows of the filter floor. The felt sleeve fits down over the filter.

The center of the wire filter retainer now must fit under this tab on the rear. The arms of the wire straddle the filter and clip under tabs on each side of the filter floor just in front of the filter. You must squeeze in on the arms so they will engage the tab slots and then move them outwards to lock into place.

Now fit the rectangular black foam prefilter into the filter cover at the cold weather warm air intake position.

Then place the filter cover on the saw and retain with the original filter cover spring clips.

Start the saw and readjust your needle valves.
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Another thing too that I've found with the Dolmar HD filters is that in drier, dustier wood the prefilter blocks up very quickly causing erratic running. I had both of my 7900's start showing signs of this while felling. The fix was to remove the pre filters and they've been fine ever since. I'm not yet convinced they are needed as nothing has got past these filters yet, even dead Red Gum which makes most filter systems look pretty average.
I believe the Dolmar HD systems are one of the best on the market along with the newer Stihl HD2 setup.

Here is a photo below of the difference in surface area between a Dolmar HD and Husky 390XP HD filter. I actually gutted a Dolmar HD filter and epoxied the paper element into the Husky housing. I don't have to oil the filter anymore and no more dust has gotten into the Husky since :D


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