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Gudgeon Spacing
« on: February 17, 2017, 09:32:26 am »
This is a curiosity, not anything important.  Was cycling through the saws yesterday.  I have a Husky 365 and a Dolmar PS7900.  They take the same 72-drive link bar and chain.  I took the chain off of the Husky, sharpened it, then swapped the bar to the Dolmar.  It's an old chain near the end of life.  It wouldn't tension in the Dolmar.  That made me curious so I put the calipers on it.  The space from the Gudgeon to the Rim Socket (identical rim socket on each) was 1.55" on the Husky.  But, on the Dolmar it was 1.35".  Enough disparity that it made the critical difference on this old chain. 

I had never picked up on that before.  Stihl is a different mount altogether.  But, these mounts are ostensibly the same as each other.  There is a difference between these two units, however. 

Just a kind of weird factoid. 

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