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Re: "Quote" not working?
« Reply #20 on: December 09, 2012, 02:32:28 pm »
I haven't been able to use the "quote" function in some weeks - is this a common issue, or could it because I am lacking some software on my new computer?

The forum software or (something like that  ???) was updated awhile back and I noticed the usual way of quoting quit working for me and others as well. They said it was updated to work with new high speed internet, which I dont have access to.

2 ways to still quote a post.

1. MOS figured out. Just click reply and then click insert quote beside the post you want quoted. Only 1 extra click was added.

2. was to click  Quick reply and then click quote as normal of post you want to quote.

Hope that helps Niko.

Success!!!!  The 'quote' button wasn't working for me (just took me to the bottom of the page)..............but the 'insert quote' thing after clicking 'reply' DOES work for me.  Yay. 8)

Now to figure out why I can't get my PB sourced avatar pics to work here.  I was able to get one of my PB sourced pics to show (tried a few), but it wasn't the one I wanted to use and is a crappy pic.  The avatar pics that I've use (and am using) on the 'other' really popular board don't work here............despite their meeting the size requirements.  The 'other' site has stricter/smaller requirements than here.........but no joy.  Strange.....

For older saws:
Tune the H side so that it 4-strokes (burbles) at WOT unloaded and just cleans up when under load.
When you lift cutting load, the saw should immediately revert to 4-stroking.  Fine tune the transition point for the wood you're cutting.


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