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Hi folks,
Finally got round to signing up here having been dropping by as a guest for maybe 18 months... can't quite remember how I found you in the first place! Gotta say this site is a gold mine for information! Over here in the UK there really isn't much of a culture of repairing things when they go wrong, folk just throw things out and get another, which is really sad. So it can be difficult to find good information. So thank you to all you guys who share your knowledge and experience here! It is greatly appreciated I can assure you!
I have a few saws, I guess my main go to for my firewood needs and general jobs is my Husky 346xp (oe), absolutely love that little beast! Most recently I picked up a pair of 1988 Husky 2101xp's on a double ended mill. They had been sat above a blacksmiths forge for over 15 years so were in need of a little love haha! But they came at a great price and thankfully had been stored well and really didn't take a lot to get going again. I think my brother and me are gonna have fun with them! Just couldn't leave them there!
Anyway, great to be here and look forward to talking with you guys in the future.
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