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Re: Homelite 35SL
« Reply #10 on: October 04, 2013, 04:30:40 pm »
Glad to hear you got a B/C on it.  AS has had a "we're working on the site, try again in 25 minutes" message for the last 3 or 4 hours at least.  Hopefully they'll fix it...
Hi Aaron,
So the 35 starts but won't stay running.  H&L set at 1 turn out and have fiddled with that some but even when revving it will stop after 15-20 seconds like it's not getting enough fuel, or maybe too much! With the saw on cardboard on the floor it is making a blackish wet spot under the muffler. New lines, new filter, new intake boot and new carb kit (all from chainsawr)

But still havin' Fun


Hiya Lee,

You're getting closer.  Did you replace the impulse line along with the others?  If so, did you use transparent Tygon type line, or black rubber?  Tygon type vinyl line won't hold up in an impulse line application.

Also.............................the fuel starving problem could be due to a bad fuel tank cap duckbill valve.  Over time, they melt and can clog things up.  Try starting it and then loosening the fuel cap a turn or so before it dies.  See if it then stays running.  If that's it, you'll need to clean out what's left of the old duckbill and install a new one.  It's easy and cheap.

Fuel starvation could also come from not having the carburetor pump side gasket and diaphragm in the right order.  Starting from the pump side of the carb body, you put the diaphragm on first and then the gasket.  Reversed, it'll run.............but not well.


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