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« on: July 13, 2015, 11:48:40 pm »
Hi folks.  Advance apologies for the essay.

I am trying to dial in the carb after a good cleaning.  The saw is tight and holds +/- 10psi.   

From what I can see the low circuit is fed through the high.  The mounting flange has two ports.  Impulse and one with a screen.  I don't know what this does other than an injection of cleaner appeared to exit out of the idle holes area in the throat. 

I have no experience with this series so I used a baseline of 3/4 low and 1 high.  Saw starts fine.  Setting the idle seems tricky with the primary and secondary idle holes coming into play.  It seems to actually richen up somewhat and the idle gets sluggish when turning in the idle screw from lower engagement. There is a spot it will struggle and die if left there for a bit.  Keep turning in the idle screw and it climbs again until it is almost seated.  Not sure on what side of rich I should be working to set the idle. 

I leaned out the L for fastest chain speed to around 5/8.  Readjusted idle and response was good.  Adjusted H to a tad under 3/4 but it still seems generously rich at WOT.  Are these typical settings?  I am not sure how fast these  turn.  I do know if the H is turned in while idling it dies.  Hence, my assumption H actually feeds L.

I'll take anything you've got.



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