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Re: 2100 no power in the cut
« Reply #40 on: July 31, 2014, 09:28:37 am »

Took it to the bench and pulled carb and tore it down checking things. I adjusted the fulcrum and the needle look new so put it back.  You replaced the needle right? Diaphragms looked good on both sides, so no use opening that new kit IMO. 

I made  4 full cuts in 17.5" dry maple no problems and starting on 5th cut when raised up out of wood to hit 5th cookie she went into a run on like on the race saws. I hit the kill switch and it did nothing. So I then took my hand and pushed into the green weenie filter to block off air to shut her down.

While still hot I started trying to start and check things and it was just erratic with it's idle and starting when hot.

I am thinking there are bigger issues here from a  air leak once warmed up.  What do you all think, seals, base,  etc?

I did replace the needle when I rebuilt the carb, along with the spring and diaphragms and gaskets. 
I did not replace the welsh plugs
Never had the shut off switch not work.

Switch probably does still work. I would guess it was due to the run on happening when it was hot. Had it happen racing before too. Went to hit kill switch and saw just kept on going. Have to either choke them off or flood them with squirt bottle.

I'll know for sure when I try it cold again to see.  Pretty sure I remember using the switch other times too.
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