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Re: 345 leaking oil
« on: February 21, 2014, 11:30:14 am »
As 660 said new rubber parts. I noticed that my own 346NE was drooling oil all over the place the other day. Took it apart, everything looked Kosher. However when I touched the oil delivery line to the bar it fell off the pump output. I removed the pump and the oil supply line. Cleaned them up and then tried to put them in place on the 346 metal oil pump. They would not stay where they were supposed to go, they would just fall off. Looking some more I noticed that they may be intended to be a press fit around the pump. So ordered new lines and when they arrived tried the same process with them, they fit tight to the pulp input and output. When installed in the saw the supply line goes first, then the pump then the output to the bar and it appears that all of this is held in place with the bar plate.

The pick up and delivery lines are #15 & 16 in the attach clip from the IPL, you can see how they wrap around the pump and fit onto the small inlet and outpup barbs on the pump. It looks as though there is a flange on the oil supply line that would seal the tank but the line I received did not have a flange.

I inspected the bar plate for damage and compared it to a new one, looked good. When I was installing the bar plate I could feel it compressing the rubber hoses around the pump body. Been sitting for a while now and no more drool.
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