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Re: 394
« Reply #20 on: December 12, 2016, 02:34:00 pm »
Kevin I recently fixed a friend's 395XP with an intermittent hot restart (and sometimes cold start) issue.  Troubleshooted it to the ignition module.  Replaced the module and that cured the problem.

They're big saws for big wood.  A specialized tool these days.  Most pro loggers (except perhaps in a few regions) are using the 660/661/394/395 class saws far less than they used to (and instead are running 390XP/461/372XP/562XP saws most of the time).  A good 5ci class saw will handle 90% of what a 394/95XP will with less weight and strain on us, and wood that requires that last 10% of capability only comes up 1% of the time (if that) for most folks.  I use my 181SE far more than my bigger saws.............and I use my 65-72cc saws far more than the 181.  I'm no logger of course...
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