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« Reply #20 on: December 12, 2016, 02:48:34 pm »
Yeah I know...scale was starting to get smaller when I quit loggin' in the middle 80's. I have kind of a unique rep here now as being the guy to call when there's a 'trouble' tree of huge girth that needs to come down in a specific direction. I also build fence for a lot of landowners that have property down to rivers. They usually have some stands of large trees that have been feeding off those water sources. Lots of gigantic cottonwoods and many pines. The cottonwoods break in the wind storms and they should have all been cleared out when they bought those properties, but they keep them because they're large trees.  Not very glamorous work compared to taking down the Doug Firs of lore, but it keeps me going with the saws.

I have muscle memory still from running the 2100, so weight isn't a problem all day. I suspect it's the same with a lot of old loggers. I miss using my ailing 2100 and have been in a bad mood since it quit working properly....but in a REAL bad mood about the cost of its parts these days.....basically just a collectors saw now. I just feel like the 394 would be a nice sub when I need a saw that big. I've got a bevy of older J'reds for the smaller stuff and really enjoy using them like the 80 & 90.