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Re: 55 EPA
« Reply #20 on: January 04, 2017, 03:33:59 pm »
             Theres no question that being a closed port.  But what puzzles me is you said it measured 44mm!  I would think it ought to be 45mm.  I don't think the 44mm 51's were closed port.  Sawtroll would know.

Yes, obviously a closed port.

As far as I know Mahle 44ZN15++++++ is compatible with a 45 mm 44ZN15, that was used on those closed port 55s. However, I don't know if it excludes all 44 mm versions. A5 and/or W3 may have something to do with the bore size.

The "original" 44ZN15 was the 44 mm Partner P5000 cylinder.

I don't think the 44mm 51s were closed port either, but I don't remember the source of that info...