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Re: 562xp T540xp
« on: March 07, 2011, 03:07:43 pm »
Well here is my 1st post here!  :) Good job starting this site Kevin. Lots of familiar well respected names here.

I have run 22" Windsors on my 372, 576s for years, excellent match for these saws. But the most fun I have had is running a 14" Windsor Speed Tip on my 372, cut and piling small-medium spruce/ jack pine.
A 22" Windsor may have a little off balance issue for the lightweight 562XP.  A 20" Oregon Pro Lite laminated bar may be the way to go for the 562. Only downfall is  the non servicability issues with the laminates.

I can't wait to get a 562XP myself. Seeing they are coming with AutoTune will be a nice feature. I have 3 AutoTune 576s which are dedicated to a local chainsaw competetion I put on once a year. I just finished the latest one on Feb 19 and 2 of the 576s I sent back to Husqvarna to get fixed. One of them has a throttle linkage problem where the dual linkage on the 2 barrel carb gets kinked and only 1 linkage works and the saw runs really rough. The other 576 will die while idling after some steady use. I blame it on the NGK plug but its best to get the AT checked out just in case.
When you have a thousand people in the audiance watching while these saws are acting up is not good PR for Husqvarna.
 I bet the Stihl guys were laughing. My local Stihl dealer used to be my sponsor since day one almost 30 yrs now, but I switched to our local Husky dealer 2 yrs ago because of the Stihl guys constant whining and not wanting to spend alot of money on the competition.

Making a living with a saw since age 16.


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