Author Topic: 576xp updated piston and Cylinder on ebay????? Help  (Read 759 times)

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Kolben Schmidt I believe is or was a German company.
It is - and many OEM Husky kits have been made by KS, but I don't know of any recent ones (= last twenty years)????

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$7.95 flat rate shipping.  I've found that if you order several parts it goes to $10.95.  So I'll say ship is usually $10.95 never had to pay more than that.  IMO 32" bar w/skip or semi-skip.

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Thank you Farmboy for the info... I was wondering if there was anymore updates for the 2008 576xp. I seen they changed carb part numbers to another model of carb.Is that a update too?.. I want to get all the updates done so I will have done right.


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Nikko will also tell you that a different part number does not always mean an updated part, sometimes it only means a different supplier or supplier source. E.g. SKF France vs SKF Sweden.
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Oh here's the carb model # zama EL28A 81A. Is that the right carb he gave me for it? I do not have the old one.

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I'd ask spike for a price and get it from him.

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Yea if spike shoots me a price for the piston and cylinder.. I hope he lets me know..I would rather buy from someone on here then some mail order place. Sorry to pick everyones brains on this but I never worked on a husky like this.This is like the first time working on

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Most often when two guys are talking of an offer-acceptance situation, it is handled through PM's or Email.
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OK, here's some of the info I promised over the weekend.

576 top end change began in week 10 of 2009. Changes were:

Modified piston clearance.
Modified the position of the ring pins.
Modified piston profile.
Changed material of the piston ring.

Early ring cannot be used in the new piston. Complete piston can apparently be used in any saw as the cylinder did not change.

Pricing: For whatever reason, this cylinder kit used to be priced really cheap. I was selling them for $175. As of Jan 2014, the price jumped up something like $75, bringing it in line with similar saws. (I'm now selling them for $240.) Anyone selling them at $197 is likely using last years price file, cause that's close to the current cost. But if you can get one that cheap, then grab it quick before they discover what they're doing.  ;D

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660 I did do that with spike.

Yea I have seen here lately on parts on saw and small engines. What is not going up in price anymore. Gas here for 91oct uncut for my mowers and saws is 5.18 gal the last time I got some.

Thanks for the info spike. I hope this saw is worth fixing.


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