Author Topic: chainsaw engine "accelerates" at idle like a race car.  (Read 2123 times)

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chainsaw engine "accelerates" at idle like a race car.
« on: March 11, 2015, 11:47:48 am »
Hello everyone,

I'm very new to chainsaws and would appreciate help with some of the beginner issues.

I recently had a problem with getting the chainsaw running to which user aclarke suggested I turn the low screw on carb 1/4 turn.
I've used the saw 3 times since then with no problems whatsoever.

Four days ago I was cutting wood for about 6 hours at the house (refuelling, sharpening etc) letting the saw rest for 20min in after every 2nd tank and actually had the last small batch to be cut before finishing altogether but my chainsaw all of the sudden wouldn't start at all.
I was thinking maybe i can turn the low screw again a little and it will fix it. The chainsaw would start for just a few seconds but then went off again.

Today I cleaned the chainsaw, and tried to start it again.
Old low screw setting: Chain saw starts fine but dies after few sec.
1/4 turn to the right: Chain saw starts but will die as soon as throttle is not being pressed. Engine makes a sound like it's thirsty, lacking power.
1/4 turn to the right again: Chain saw starts no problem but instantly accelerates like a jet, i quickly shut it down because it feels like its gonna damage the chainsaw.

Can anyone give suggestions?

I would prefer to try to fix it myself.
But I have a friend Ill be visiting on saturday and he knows quite a bit about chainsaws being an old forestry worker. Just that he's clumsy and tends to break a lot of various equipment in the process of fixing and I like this saw.

Kind regards, -- Adrian

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Whats the chainsaw?  Going right clockwise on L is leaning it out and speeding it up at idle. Where are your settings at? Has the stops been removed from L and H etc.

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I'm far from an expert (a beginner when it comes to this stuff in fact - having carb issues of my own), but have you tried adjusting the throttle setting at all? The L jet alone I don't believe will cure starting/idling troubles if the throttle is set to low or high. I've never quite understood how to balance the adjustments between these two to get the ride idle speed, but I was taught in one of my first chainsaw courses to close up the throttle (counter clockwise adjustment) if the chain was spinning at idle. From there you can tackle the L settings. Someone else may have better / corrected info about that...

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Me I adjust the L for best throttle response, start  and then finish the idle with the I.


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