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Re: Craigslist Univent
« Reply #40 on: June 27, 2012, 01:24:09 pm »
JMO and thoughts on this. The baileys univent xpw 75cc was done up to get around huskys new no online sales.

The univents that are sold by rescue saw company's and to fire depts are a totally different saws.  Here is a univent  by todays specs below. 

Mike I wonder with yours being 50mm bore if it has been replaced or maybe one that came in right after the 272 univents was phased out. All just a guessing game on my part.

The baileys 75cc I ran was no better  then a stock 372xp or xpw JMO.  Going by the univents sold by Unifire to FD's there seems to be some hop ups done

Powerhead Specifications:    Unifire specs NOT the ones that came from baileys.

    Saw power head must have 4.5 cubic inch (74 cc) displacement with a 2.05-inch (52 mm) molybdenum impregnated bore and 1.34 inch (34 mm) stroke.
    Power head must develop 6.5 horsepower at 8500 RPM
    Power head shall idle at 2500 RPM and must obtain a maximum unloaded speed of 13,500 RPM.
    Centrifugal clutch must engage at 3500 RPM.
    Electronic Ignition must have lifetime warranty.
    Carburetor must be an all position diaphragm type with integral fuel pump.
    Carburetor must be air injected for improved performance.
    Covered foam air filter to protect it from debris and water.
    Carburetor must be isolated from the cylinder by vibration dampening rubber boot and isolating wall to prevent vapor lock.
    Muffler must be side ported USFS and ANSI approved with spark arrestor.
    Carburetor must be isolated from the cylinder by a fiberglass spacer, rubber boot and isolating wall to prevent vapor lock.
    Muffler will not exceed 107dB at maximum RPM.
    A heavy-duty .060" stainless steel plate must protect muffler.
    Crankshaft shall be balanced three (3) piece drop forged.
    Crankshaft shall be supported by two (2) drop groove ball bearings.
    Piston shall be made from a low friction alloy.
    Rod shall have silver plated needle bearings.
    Cylinder shall have asymmetrical cooling fins and shall be cooled by a high capacity fan.
    Power head must be isolated from handle assembly by six (6) "springs" to cancel vibration.
    Saw shall have full wrap handle fro operator protection and safety.
    Saw shall have rear hand guard.
    Saw shall have large Billet Aluminum D-Ring handle for easy starting with gloves.
    Saw must have safety inertia activated .10 second chain break that conforms to all ANSI standards.
    Saw must have positive position on/off switch for safety. (Momentary switch is not acceptable.)
    Power head shall have large fill caps.
    Fuel tank volume shall be .71 pints.
    Oil tank capacity shall be .41 pints.
    Oil pump must be adjustable from 3 to 12 cc per minute.
    Oil pump must be automatic with manual control, 3, 6, 9, 12 cc per minute.


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