Author Topic: Deck Height Difference in XT Cases Versus XP Cases  (Read 829 times)

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Re: Deck Height Difference in XT Cases Versus XP Cases
« on: May 06, 2014, 09:10:22 am »

I cannot find an IPL for the 365XT so perhaps the earliest IPL was actually for the 365XT!
I couldn't find one either.  Although I haven't looked on HVA manuals.  I use the 372XT IPL.  The starter cover decal and the transfer covers are the only difference.
Here was the info.

I've never had the need to mess with one of those impulse pipes myself. But you'd think that there would be instances where someone might need to order that as a spare part.

One thing to add here regarding cases is that there is a difference between the originals vs the new X-torq models. The skirt on the bottom of the XT cylinders is deeper than the originals, so the corresponding cut in the XT cases is also deeper. If putting an original jug on an XT case, you will have no problem. But you cannot put an XT cylinder on the original case. (unless you do some grinding) As far as deck height, I really can't say.

That isn't about deck height, as I read it, but about the cutouts for the cylinder "skirt" (going below deck height).
That is the difference.  Cylinder skirts are longer on XT cyl.  I use a reg 372XP CC for case matching.


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