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Re: First Project - 357xp
« Reply #20 on: October 29, 2012, 08:19:14 am »
Here is the big crack in the bottom of the auto decomp line. 

I was able to replace the fuel line easily without removing the tank.  Once the carb was off, the carb support plate came off easily which allowed me to access where the line exits the tank.

Here's what i did:
Put on manual decomp valve
Replaced intake partition
Replaced impulse line
Replaced fuel line + filter
Replaced fuel cap
Cleaned it up the best i could

I re-assembled and tried running the saw.  The same problems persist.  The saw will kick over in a few pulls with the choke out. Once the choke is disengaged, the saw starts in high idle, runs for a few seconds then dies.

I believe the saw is getting plenty of fuel.  The plug is very wet with fuel, and when i crank it over, it puffs out fuel vapor from the exhaust. 

I tried removing the limiter cap.  I removed the plastic piece surrounding the adjustment screws, thinking this would take away the limiters.  It didn't.  The adjustment screws are still limited.  Do i need to cut the moulded high spots off the sides of the adjustment screws so they can turn beyond the factory range?

I bought a pressure/vacuum fitting for the saw, so i am going to try my first vacuum test to see if i can find any other air leaks. 

I have to go out and look again, but i'm fairly sure the carb is a Walbro.  It looks like the carbs are pretty expensive.  So, i'd like to make sure it's the problem before i buy one. 

Anything else i should look for?


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