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Re: husky 245xp
« on: April 15, 2013, 06:34:04 pm »
well the plot thickens. :)
decided to try the comp tester on it to see what kind of pressure it makes. 160psi., not too shabby. ok the muffler needs to come off, wanna see how it looks in there. not too good. not unfixably horrible, but not the way i want to run a saw. or sell it when i get bored of it ;) the cylinder is in very good shape, piston has some streaks, skirts are getting thin and she's got a mirror finish too boot.
BUT! before i pulled the cylinder, i noticed it looked like somebody had put the piston in backwards. yep, pin in the center of the exh. port. so off comes the cylinder, only to see the 'E' sitting right there over top of the pin. ??? SO I TOOK A BIG EFFIN HAMMER TOO HER!
no not that. yanked the piston off to take a pic. :)

there's no markings on the piston to tell me what it is, other than a '2811' on the inside, and '046056' opposite of it. it does look like an older tecomec, when they actualy made a semi quality product, and they were known to screw up where the 'E' was supposed to go. but hey, i'm not too familair with the insides of the 254, so maybe it's correct? i highly doubt it but... going to order up a new piston for it anyway, anybody have any idea what newer husky wil have what i need?
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