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Re: Husky 261/262 Full Wrap Handle
« on: November 30, 2013, 01:18:39 am »
Sorry to dig up such an old it is.

A full wrap handle, large felling dogs and 32-inch bar were all available for the 262xp.

Rick Barbero Distributing out of Springfield Oregon had all of those items available, back in the early 1990's, aftermarket.

The wrap handlebars were strong, but resembled wrap handles made for 1970's vintage saws.  Not refined and required some coercion to make them fit.  The large felling dogs were pretty decent.  Both the handlebar and dogs looked like they were made in someones garage.

The 32" bar, I'm pretty certain, was a Windsor.  Though the ebay listing reference above says his was an Oregon bar.  Maybe his was actually a 28.

Anyhow, don't berate me too much, but I did set up and sell two 262xp's with the above items.  Too much bar...yes...I knew it then and now.  However, they were put together at the request of a logging company to be used as landing saws.  Not for falling.  The company had guys who didn't have their own saws and didn't want to spend the money to outfit them with larger saws.

Barbero had been sitting on the "upgrade" items for a while and sold them to us at or below his cost and we forwarded the savings to the customer.  It was more of an experiment than anything.

Even without seeing the pictures on the ebay listing, I would be willing to bet that the dogs and handlebar came through Barbero Distributing.  The ebay seller is from Roseburg, Barbero in Springfield, me in Medford...all within about 150 miles of each other in Oregon.

I still owned a 28" small mount husky bar (brand spankin' new never mounted) up until a few weeks ago.  Sold it along with my like new 357xp.

The saws we sold ended up getting well used.  They liked them...but didn't have anymore set up that way either.
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