Author Topic: husky 365 special hard to start and wont start sometimes HELP!  (Read 1128 times)

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husky 365 special hard to start and wont start sometimes HELP!
« on: November 27, 2016, 12:06:20 pm »
First off im sorry for the long post but im stumped

So first off i bought this saw at a pawn shop which was my first mistake.. i got it going there after i took out the spark plug and cleaned it up, it took about 10 pulls buddy there said it probably just needs a new plug which made sense...

After installing the new plug it started after 5 pulls with no choke surprisingly, and after making a few cuts it died out and was extremely hard to start again must have been 20 pulls, and it ran fine after i got it started.

So the next time i used it i was in the woods, it started half decently at first cold, and in between cuts, but as soon as i refueled it would not start for the life of me, i took the air filter off, the plug was wet i dried that off, and rolled it over to get all the gas out of the cylinder, and checked for spark and still nothing. so that was an early day i got fed up and left.

When i got back home i tried it again and it started... 

The next day i went back and it was harder to start at first but eventually did get it going, but after refuelling it would not start again, but this time i sprayed a bit of starter fluid in the intake and got it going after many pulls,( i know its bad for a 2 stroke but i didnt wanna go home early again.

I was fed up when i got home with this fawking saw and went to the husky dealer and got a carb rebuild kit and rebuild and cleaned the carb, it is a walbro and in the kit it came with the needle aswell,  after i rebuilt the carb it was hard to start again but it did get going, but ever since that first fire up i cant get it to run for the life of me i retuned the high and low to the manuel specs..

it will run briefly if i take off the fuel line?!??!?! until the carb runs out of gas but when it is started and i reput on the fuel line it dies.

It seems like it floods itself all the time and i can see gas in the intake when i take it off after refueling, so it is getting lots of fuel.

I aswell tried different carb adjustments and nothing.

-The saw has 125PSI compression
-I run 91octane with sthil 50:1 mix premium
-IT is new gas
-Rebuilt carb
-Checked fuel filter and everything is good
-checked fuel line and seem to be fine

What should i replace or check next?
Replace carb?  If so what carb? i heard Zamas work better than Walbros
replace Crank seals? is there special tools required?

If anyone has any input at all it would be greatly appreicated
Thanks in advance for any replied

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case seals, skuff up the cylinder and put in a new ring, replace pulse line,  replace intake boot, fresh gas too! You will probably run over the issue in that process and have a great running saw when done! Actually I've seen similar symptoms and it was the carb, and best way to solve it is eBay a new one. But pulse line and case seals along with a fresh ring are probably worth the effort. Don't forget checking the plug wire for places it might be "arcing" through to the cylinder or case.
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Check your impulse line from cylinder to carb also.

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Yes I would check the impulse line as well.   
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Vent as well. Coil could also be cutting out.
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