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Re: Husqvarna 2100 Value?
« on: April 30, 2015, 04:06:14 pm »
I was looking atum on ebay, prices are all over the place. For working and non-working units. Was also at the co-op this morning and a man there had one out. It is a guy I often speak to. I had mentioned last week I was looking for another saw and he told me his cs2100 I think was the best saw he'd ever owned. Also the only saw he said he could fix cause he has had it forever. We talked about the prices of new saws and other 90cc or better saws. Well a 100cc saw at our Husqvarna dealer runs over $1000. Baileys has a 395XP I think at $1.100.
I would think a good working or non-working  one would be worth $200 give or take, which are on ebay. There is one posted right now on my CL for $600 and he says it dosn't work. I am not calling myself a chainsaw repairman by any stretch of the imagination. But my piston kit came in today for my 257 and while I have been waiting on it I have taken it apart and put it back together twice just to do it. Of course it still wasn't running but I was waiting on this kit to come. It sure don't sound any worse. With my 455XP due in within the next few days I will have one saw, maybe two working saws if the 257 starts up after I get the piston kit in. I don't plan on keeping both so may find a local buyer for one of them and then use that to get a Husqvarna 90cc to 100cc model in here for my chainsaw mill.  Another thing. As he and I were talking about the saws a couple of other dudes (I callum oldtimers) got in on the conversation and neither of them nor the other guy I was talking to do anything much with ebay but said there was no way I found the Husqvarna 455 Rancher for around $200 what with that same saw selling at Lowes right now for $500 after taxes and one of them said he bought a Husqvarna 455 Rancher just before Christmas at the Co-op when it was on sale for $399. Our Co-op sells Husqvarna because thats their best selling saw. But they have Stihl chainsaws in the back. It's funny they do this but when I asked they said that Stihl now requires a exclusivity contract and your not supposed to be able to deal with Husqvarna if you carry Stihl. My Ace hardware guy told me the same thing because this year they are carrying Stihl but the last 5 years they carried Husqvarna. The mangier at Ace said they even had to stop working on Husqvarna because the exclusivity contract required it.
So if I get this 257 working I think I can order a non-working 2100 and make it a project if I can get it working for around $200 or so.

I know I took the long way around to this point. But it is what it is.


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