Author Topic: A junked Husky and the question "Does being honest pay?"  (Read 279 times)

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A junked Husky and the question "Does being honest pay?"
« on: March 01, 2018, 06:18:23 am »
A customer has a 372XP, and it needed a new starter cover.
Instead of buying a new one, he managed to get a junked 385 for the equivalent of USD 1.50
He brought both his 372 and the 385 for me to replace the starter on his 372 with that of the 385.
But when I tried pulling the starter (on the saw), it was frozen.
He told me that the guy who sold it to him had been told by another shop that the starter was stuck because the crankshaft was probably burned out or piston had seized.
Since he couldn't afford the repair he had sold it to my customer.
But when I removed the starter I found the rope rotor was loose on its axle and of no use as a replacement for the one on the 372.
My disappointed customer offered to sell the 385 to me for a dollar.
Since I did not have a new rope rotor in my stock he left to get one from another shop.
Absentmindedly as most of us do, I was moving the flywheel back and forth when it struck me that the dang thing was turning over smoothly!
I lifted the cylinder and found the piston and cylinder were in perfect condition.
I refitted the starter and tried to turn the engine over but it wouldnt move.
I realized the culprit was that worn rope rotor.
My customer returned with a new rope rotor but had to leave to meet a colleague.
In the meantime I replace the rope rotor of the 385 with the new one.
I cleaned out the fuel tank, replaced the pickup body, primed the engine with a few drops of fuel through the air intake and tried starting it.
It fired up on the first pull! It was in perfect condition.
I was wrestling with myself, should I buy it for the 1 dollar or be honest with the guy.
I was still at it till he came back and I started up the 385 and he couldn't believe  his luck.

After he left, with his thanks still ringing in my ears, I was left asking myself, did I do the right thing by me?
What would you have done?

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I would have showed it to him and then asked if he still wanted a dollar for it
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I would have showed the 385 was fixed and running. Then smiled and ask so is it still FS for a dollar.   Best to be honest with folks and up front IMO.

I had a guy give me a 4 stroke trimmer set up as it wasnt running. After I dumped the 2 stroke mix, changed the plug and tuned. I called him and ask if he wanted his trimmer and attachments back for about the $5-$8 I had in it.  He came and picked it all back up and was very happy.
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At least you can sleep at night with a clear conscience not like some other repair people out there job well done In my eyes anyway

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I say yes you did the right thing.    I would have done nothing different myself.   

Good for you. 
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Absolutely 100% the right thing to do Joe!
That customer will spread by word of mouth how honest you are and it will all come back to you in a very positive way.
Making a living with a saw since age 16.
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Bible says you reap what you sow.  It's a principle whether you believe in God or not.  It WILL come back to you even better.
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Quote from: joe_indi
  After he left, with his thanks still ringing in my ears, I was left asking myself, did I do the right thing by me?
What would you have done?

I would have charged him bench time for the repair on the 385.  this would have been honest, and you both would have won.


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You did the right thing. I believe in karma. There are so many thieves in the world, it's refreshing to read a story like this . Good man.

As you slide down the Banister of Life, may the splinters point in the right direction
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