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husqvarna 435 hard to start after running for a few
« on: May 24, 2017, 12:36:19 pm »
Hello, I purchased a husqvarna 435 about 3 years ago and used it a few times since. I had a guy do a tun up on it last year wich I guess was a spark plug ect  because it was getting hard to start and after he did the tune up it ran fine. Well its back to running crappy again.

What its doing is it starts up from a cold start just fine with a few pulls and I might use it for lets say 5 minutes then shut it off.  Then I will start it back up after a minute or so and I cant get it running, I have to let it sit for a few then it will start and here is something that is weird I can get it to start if I start it with gas cap and oil cap side up and it will idle but if I give It gas it will dye. Now here is another weird thing I found out yesterday when it was doing it to me. I opened the gas cap to see if I had gas and it was 3/4 full and then pulled the cord and it fired right up like no tomorrow? Like when I opened the gas cap I gave it some air, is there a breather hole somewhere that could be clogged?


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Could be a few things. But start with checking tank vent.  Since you say cap opened helped.

Fuel Tank Vent
Part Number: 501152901
REDNECK Saw Repair Getter Done


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