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Re: New 70cc Husqvarna 572
« Reply #30 on: November 16, 2013, 03:04:10 pm »
so whats this new saw you guys speak of? ::)

You had a factory Beta test one to try out for a trial but you will not tell us about it?

660mag, I would say all of them are bound by legal agreements like Neil talks about in Australia.   

I seen the fiasco a tester for stihl once  got in posting pics of MS461. 

Then pics of the  stolen test MS201T.  Heck those pics are still here.

I could well imagine the trouble it will cause if pic's are posted on prototypes, especially a new design the opposition does not have.
A couple of things on the subject I do know is,,,,
..The major manufacturers are spending big on new designs, they are also buying technology from other smaller manufacturers for ideas which they are adding to their own concepts.
..Sample saws are being built (without a patent) and tested in countries with the potential to sell the product.
..Some work well, some do not, some need adjusting or tweaking etc. etc.
..Some test well but are shelved for the future, for various reasons.
..Test saws are meant to be worked hard in the every day practice it is intended for, it the saw breaks for what ever reason, its no worry to them as they can look at how to rectify the problem. And so it goes, getting hours on the machine and reporting on its progress, then they recall them and strip them to assess the wear.
.. There are a lot of factors considered when a new product is introduced globally and sometimes they are tested in 1 country 1st.

Here in Oz, stories go round all the time in the timber industry, blokes yap on about this sort of stuff. Some times the bush grape vine is right, mostly its not.



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