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Re: New 70cc Husqvarna 572
« Reply #40 on: November 06, 2014, 10:20:00 pm »

Quote from: leak
the newer husky that nobody has seen yet is all orange with a silver clutch cover :D the clutch cover looks identicle to a 372 one too so making the saw all orange might be possible. ;) the one i ran did not have captive bar nuts and looked to have the same large dawgs as a 372 as well. the bar nuts looked out of place though so it is a possibility that the captive ones fell off and was repaired with the old style. it's gonna be a saw that will make everyone forget the 372
fact of the matter is that i have seen and ran the new husky while everyone else here is just left wondering :D ya'll won't be disappointed though. i'm tempted to just start selling off all my other saws right now cause that's the only saw i need once it's in my possession.
it was pulling a 36" no problem. to be honest though, a 372 pulled full skip around a 36" pretty good in our woods too but this one did it far better. i can't wait.
 the day before a ran that prototype i ran a 562 building a heli pad. it's really hard to compare though as the 562 was setup with a 24" and the mystery saw setup with a 36". the 562 did have a very minor hesitation issue but the mystery saw did not. the 562's hestation was dealt with by **** revving it all to hell.
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