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Re: New air filters 550 545 562
« on: May 28, 2017, 12:17:13 pm »
Yes same 2 shoe clutch as my 346 as I have the 2 prong puller for the 346.
Yesterday I made a few cuts with the new 550 in some 10x10" spruce finishing off its first tank of fuel. Runs totally different now, no long erratic popping warm up now. Processor must have set its self.
550 owner manual no longer says to run them out of the box at WOT for the first 5 minutes. Just run them normally.

Stopped in at my Husky Stihl dealer yesterday and took a close look at the MS261CM II that I ordered last week and  which came in a few hours after I bought the 550 and was already on the road to my clearing job.

This is the first new series 261 I've seen, looks just like a mini MS462. I need another 50cc like I need a hole in the head. My FIL gave my 346 back as it just sat on his shelf for the last few years. Also got one of the older 550s from the winter festival competition.

But I really like the looks of the 261, the 241  I have no interest after looking at it.
Saws aren't  cheap here in Canada. 550 is $800 CAD 261 is $759.

Just have to wait a few days into June to buy the 261. I buy all my stuff on Mastercard to collect my bonus Air Miles.
I just don't want the 550 and 261 on the same bill as that would definitely raise a red flag to my wife :D hehehe.

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