Author Topic: Oil ratio on a 2000 288xp, a 90 262xp and a 550 xp  (Read 1310 times)

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I'm a pilot, so have easy access to 100LL since that's what my aircraft burns. I also know a bit about lead, since most of my working life was spent in a factory that heat treated steel in molten lead. There is no way I'd run 100LL in my chainsaw. That tetraethyl lead is a particularly nasty form of lead. You don't want to be breathing with your head just a couple of feet from a chainsaw exhaust burning 100LL. When my wife (who is also a pilot) was pregnant (or even just trying to get pregnant), we never let here deal with fueling the plane. While lead can impact anyone, it is particularly problematic for children with developing brains

While the "LL" in 100LL does stand for "Low Lead", it still has significantly more lead in it than the old leaded auto gas. It's only "low lead" when compared compared to the old 100/130 octane aviation fuel (which is no longer available) that had something like 8 times the amount of lead in it as the old auto fuels.

We've got 91 octane E0 (ethanol-free) gas at a few stations in my area, so that's what I use in my chainsaws. If that were not available, I'd switch to premium E10 (10% ethanol) before I'd even consider using 100LL. I don't run a race saw, so the extra octane above 89 or 90 or so doesn't get me anything.


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