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Title: Pioneer 626?
Post by: HMLT360Pro on May 22, 2013, 01:35:38 pm
I have been looking at this Pioneer 626? Its kind of mystery to me. I could not find at Chain Collectors guide. So can someone help me here? Is it desirably or collectible? Value? Thanks!
Title: Re: Pioneer 626?
Post by: fordfairlane78 on May 23, 2013, 12:55:10 am
Are you sure it's a 626?   Most likely a 620....this base design was used first as the IEL ra and then on by pioneer in the 600,610,620&I believe a 650. All 103cc saws with a few diffs per model. There is a small collectors market for these. Clean,complete  with compression&fire usually sell for around $100 from what I've seen locally&on ebay but Kansas is not a huge saw market. By the way,I like the 360proold you have pictured,just picked one up like it although not as pretty. Pops on a prime but haven't had a chance to go much further with it yet. Got it off cl for $15 w/20"bar, 3good chains