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Title: 455 rancher leaking bar oil
Post by: vw4x4 on June 25, 2013, 10:00:15 am
I have a 455 rancher that was  less than a year old and leaks bar oil.    I just got it back from a so called service center.   Place called DOBOSH here in Pgh.  These idiots had my saw for a month.    It is still leaking bar oil.   It has made a mess out of the trunk of my car,  my concrete walks, and a few other things.  They didn't do anything.
 Because they didn't do anything they tell me, its not warrantied.   I get it home run it for less than one minute and its dripping bar oil on the  ground as its running.  Screw this saw is a piece of junk.   Not only that, but the service center is a BIG RIP OFF,  and a waste of time.  Running a saw that has leaked out all the bar oil the night before has burn up the chain.   Now pay $43 to get my saw back.
          I call Husqvarna customer support line and all you get is hung up on.  I've Emailed a customer support
person that I found, but not response.  Anyone have a fix for this.  STAY away from DOBOSH here in PGH.
      The picture is just after I  got it home from the so called service center and ran the saw for less than 2 minutes.
Title: Re: 455 rancher leaking bar oil
Post by: Cut4fun . on June 25, 2013, 12:41:07 pm
All I can say is learn to work on your own equipment if you dont have a real trusted dealer with service tech.  Thats why I have learned to do my own work and started this site. To help and  learn from and do it yourself. 

 Thread with some good pics.  Where there oiler line comes out of tank to oiler is usally where they are leaking from. 5min check to look yourself.

another with good pic of area.

Title: Re: 455 rancher leaking bar oil
Post by: Cut4fun . on June 25, 2013, 12:51:42 pm
Check the year on your saws black  tag (not the year you bought it). There was a update to oil line in 2012

455 Rancher, 460, 455e, 2012-09
A new oil hose has been introduced into production.
New part no.
537 26 14-02 Oil hose 537 26 14-01
There is full interchangeability.
Introduced from serial number: 455 Rancher 20121800002