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Title: Asymmetrical Chain
Post by: 660magnum on July 30, 2013, 06:01:22 pm
The real lesson here is LOOK AT YOUR CHAIN!

I bought a Stihl 025 from Cut4fun a couple years ago. It was a chainsaw that he had taken in on trade for a larger chainsaw.

I don't think he used it more than a trial cut or two. The only thing changed from original on it was that the outlet hole in the muffler behind the screen holder was enlarged.

A very nice - like new, homeowner chainsaw with 16" bar and .325 X .063 chain.

So I've had it a couple years. When I first bought it, I put a new twin needle carb on it that cost a little more than $22 from the Stihl dealer.

At the time I was taking down four 16" DBH yellow pine trees. I used the Stihl 025 to buck the trunks. The chain performed like it was sharp and the chainsaw had good power.

I have a lot of chainsaws so I don't use every one that I own every day. Fast forward to November 2012 I took the 025 to cut4fun's house and ran it against a 40cc Echo of which there was no comparison. May 2013, I did a little limbing on a Ash that I took down just to use it some. The 025 performed as expected. I used it along with a 026.

Now in July 2013, I went around my 2 acres and trimmed some low branches from the trees along the property line for which it performed fine.

So I thought I would touch up the chain which looked pretty good. This chain loop has two right hand cutters together at the junction point and I started filing the first left hand cutter beyond the junction. After doing some three left hand cutters, I noticed the damaged right hand cutters. They were damaged by a grinder. The grinder had come down about the first 1/16" into the top plate of the cutters for a depth of about 1/16". About half of the right hand cutters were this way. I was embarrassed of myself for not having seen this! I don't see how it cut so well to not show up by cutting to one side?

Anyway, It took 20 file strokes to restructure the first bad right hand cutter so I gave all the cutters 20 strokes. That was a lot of filing. I was using a Oregon Professional Clamp on sliding file guide but that was a lot of work after I finished the rakers.

Sharpening and correcting the chain, the Stihl 025 cuts just as good as it did before. In reality, several timed cuts in a clear cant - before and after sharpening - would show differently?
Title: Re: Asymmetrical Chain
Post by: Cut4fun . on July 30, 2013, 06:46:37 pm
Interesting. Never paid attention to the 325 chain on that saw that came in on trade. My PP260 is long gone now that I tested it against with PS3.

Have seen alot of chains with 2-3 cutters in a row like 2-3 lefts or 2-3 rights though.   

When I am making chains I try to keep everything even if I can like those  I done up in square for yea.
Title: Re: Asymmetrical Chain
Post by: 660magnum on July 30, 2013, 07:15:18 pm
I looked at it a couple times in those two years but must have been looking at the good area?

Those Oregon CL  square chains were nice.