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Title: NOS, Sears 3.7/18" (Poulan 3700) 1982, Never started
Post by: Bow on December 07, 2013, 10:35:25 am

I have a New, Old stock, Sears model 358.354870 PS which is a Poulan 3700 from the year 1982 (production was 80 to 83, manual date is 82).

I posted this up on another site and had several requests to not start it up or use it and that a collector might be interested. 
Not that it is that old (82) but that it is in new, not even put together condition.
Saw was stored in the basement.  From looking at the unit, other than the fuel line, everything else looks new and feels dusting or crumpling.

Includes: saw, bar, bar cover, chain, hard case, manual, multi-tool, and even a can of sears oil. 

What wrong or missing...
1)the fuel line is crumbled that and I think the breather line will need to be replaced..did not inspect but was told there was one.
2) Missing one screw from the plastic attachment bar. I went to Ace and picked up 3 new black screws but have not installed them. I realize if a collector wants this, that he wants only the original stuff. So I put the fallen off fuel line in a bag for keeping.
3) Rubber, seals, etc. from what I can see look new with no signs of deterioration (30 yrs old), but I have not taken the saw apart other than the cover, to inspect. At this point, my guess is the buyer would never want to start it anyway.

I am hoping someone who collects chainsaw will be interested in this because it has never been started. 

I am looking for the best
I might consider a trade at some point, but I can pick up another saw myself.  My need is home use nothing demanding. 

Let me can PM me if you like.....More pics are available....
Title: NOS, Sears 3.7/18" (Poulan 3700) 1982, Never started
Post by: Guido Salvage on December 07, 2013, 03:16:37 pm