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Title: Converting a Husqvarna 261 to a 262XP with modifications Document Download
Post by: KilliansRedLeo on January 21, 2014, 08:10:48 pm
The tutorial is complete. The document is still in DRAFT You are free to download your copy to evaluate and comment on.

The intention of posting a draft document is to gage the ability and completeness of the document to act as a guide during the conversion/modification of a Husqvarna 261 saw.

This will be accomplished by actual users attempting to convert/modify their own saw following the instructions we will provide. While this initial document deals specifically with the Husqvarna 261/262XP saws; the basic principals of the conversion/modifications that are documented herein are applicable to all saws.

Should you decide to attempt the conversion/modification by following the tutorial and encounter areas where more explanation or examples are necessary, do not hesitate to PM or e-Mail me for clarification, as your input and questions/concerns will be incorporated into the final version of the tutorial.

The tutorial is now a single .PDF file and has been moved Microsoft Sky Drive (MS version of Google Drive) All you do is click this link and download your copy. The link will download the latest version as of 02/03/2014. (

Because of the higher up/download limits of SkyDrive you will get it all in a single download. There is no requirement to have a Microsoft compatible .doc reader on your computer. Most if not all OS's have a .pdf reader included. However if you need the software you can get it from here: (

Adobe Reader X even though free can be sort of a pain to get running so if you want a decent free reader that works go here: (

Best Regards