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Title: From awhile back....hotsaw - bikesaw part 2
Post by: SDB777 on February 14, 2014, 03:12:32 pm
Figured today was as good as any other day to upload some video.  Takes forever to get these to go into the YouTube 'thing'...not sure if it's me or the carrier or maybe even YouTube?  So I got these all loaded up, turned the screen off, and went to town for some lunch stuff for next week at work.  Four hours later.....don't despair too much, the video's are actually better looking once they start playing.  The 'thumbnails' make them look like they are going to be hideous.

This is what's left of my 'culling', had some that were just way to shaky to bother with, and a few where people decided to stop walking by and watch from in front of me.  One thing is for certain....if you want to watch the saws in action at the Fryeburg better get there wicked early and save a spot to watch!  It's the bigger event at the Fair!!

Feel free to share them so we can get some 'love' for these types of events!!!!

Scott (enjoy) B