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Title: GB-750, Stens-700-220, & Maxx Grinders
Post by: 660magnum on May 03, 2014, 12:21:13 am
I've come across a couple of the GB-750 chain grinders at good prices and never bought one for I had never seen any parts for them.

Looking around on the Internet, this is the same as the MAXX grinder sold by Bailey's,

Can be the GB 750, or the

Stens 700-220

The Maxx grinder is made in Italy Not China

The big feature of this grinder is that the chain is turned around on the symmetrical vice to grind the opposing teeth and the motor is not reversible and doesn't need to be. The grinding head has to be swung over to the other side of 90 degrees for the other cutters. The degree readings for the head are 50 degrees - etc - 90 - etc - 50 degrees, so, for example, if you used 60 degrees for the right cutters, you would use the other 60 degrees for the left cutters. The vice is the same way - 35 degrees,- etc - Zero - etc - 35 degrees the same as the Tecomec style. But the chain stop mechanism is flipped over to the other direction and the chain is removed and turned around for the other cutters.

The 10 degree droop setup is like on the Stihl USG and the newest Oregon 511AX grinders as you slide the vice in and out rather than tilting the vice like on the 511A.

Also there is a spring loaded cable attached to the head that pulls the vice tight on the chain when you bring the motor head down to grind the chain tooth.  The parts are simple enough and could possibly be sourced locally?

These grinders use the same grinding wheels as the Oregon 510 & 511 grinders. Example - 5 3/4" X 7/8" X 3/16" or 1/8" etc, and the motor is almost identical to the Oregon 511 style motor.

Most people don't offer parts but did find chain stops at many places and I did find several typical rash parts at one place as well as on Ebay but no standard vice parts other than the stop flipper and also the entire stop assembly.

However, The cheapest place to buy it new as this is written is at Bailey's as the Maxx grinder. Still more expensive than a 511AX.

Bailey's has a parts list. They offer all the parts I talked about earlier but I don't see any regular size vice rails or closing mechanism parts? I say this, as typically on a Oregon, after grinding many thousand chains, the rails get thinner right where they clamp on the driver link.

I have a .pdf copy of the user's manual if someone needs to look? or it is here . .

So the moral to this thread is that the Maxx appears to be a pretty good grinder and if you come across one cheap, it might not be a bad idea?
Title: Re: GB-750, Stens-700-220, & Maxx Grinders
Post by: 3000 FPS on May 03, 2014, 12:32:05 am
Thanks for the review and the good info.   You never know what you might come across and information like this is hard to beat.
Title: Re: GB-750, Stens-700-220, & Maxx Grinders
Post by: 660magnum on May 03, 2014, 12:47:51 am
Some of the best deals, you just unexpectedly stumble upon?