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Title: remington 5520
Post by: Cut4fun . on May 11, 2016, 12:39:09 pm
Remington rm5520r rodeo. Guy says it uses 3 + tanks of mix to 1 fill on bar oil.  I know to look for the common stuff. Just wonder if anyone knows anything about the oilers etc. Nylon plastic worm gears etc?

From link. Automatic oiler provides consistent lubrication to the bar and chain while the saw is running.
Title: Re: remington 5520
Post by: Cut4fun . on May 11, 2016, 12:47:54 pm
operators manual


Title: Re: remington 5520
Post by: Revpop on May 12, 2016, 12:12:58 pm
If the Remington saw you are talking about is basically the same MTD made product for Craftsman then I might be able to provide a little perspective.  I bought mine new in 2005 from Sears for $179.00 I think it was.  Didn't need just wanted due to the cc's this saw had.  Right off the bat I noticed this chainsaw refused to oil the chain adequately.  I never really took this chainsaw very serious after that.  There is some adjustment screw for the oiler on the bottom of the oiler mechanism which no matter what way it get turned does not change output of bar oil.  Barely mists the chain after like 5 minutes of messing around with it running the other day.  Too bad, the power head seems to run pretty good and has nice power.  Although I have not replaced the oiler, I performed some fairly extensive research online about the oiler problem a while back regarding the problems with these saws and the results I have discovered were similar to mine.  I have since relegated myself to the fact that the only future this chainsaw has is a power unit for a Lewis winch one of these days when I come across a good deal on one.  Also, I have not messed with or replaced the oiler on mine, you may attempt to fix the bar oiling issue, and if you are successful I would definitely be all ears to find out what fixed it for sure.  Maybe later production oilers on these units may have somewhat fixed the issue, or apparently not?   
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Post by: Cut4fun . on May 12, 2016, 01:24:17 pm
Thanks for info. That is what I have been reading too.
I am trying to help someone through emails, so they dont have to bring the saw in to me.
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Post by: Revpop on May 12, 2016, 03:49:02 pm
The one thing I have not tried or done is dilute or thin the bar oil.

Owner's Manual:

McCulloch Branded version of this chassis (4600, 4900, etc.) shows the best breakdown of the oiler parts.  Yep, the oiler shaft gear looks to be made of plastic.

Page 12 contains the procedure for bar oiler adjustment on the Craftsman version.  I think it is provided to control how much oil is to be leaked onto the bar during operation ::)
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Post by: kathy on February 11, 2018, 12:16:29 am
Great chainsaw starts quick. I've run sthil chainsaws for years. For the price and quality of chainsaw you can't beat it. Cut 5 cords in one day and never had any problems had to tighten chain because like any chain they do get lose and that is how they come off. Like any saw if you check it over after every tank of gas and let it cool after 1 hour or 2 of running your saw will last. Follow the proper procedures on cleaning, starting extra and your equipment will last.