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Title: Misc PHO weight
Post by: Cut4fun on October 03, 2016, 02:31:15 pm
Just saving info

Manufacturer Model Actual weight (Lbs Oz)

Tanaka 3351 8lbs.01oz
Stihl ms 200t 8lbs.03oz
Stihl ms 201 t 8lbs.04oz

Makita DCS 401 9lbs.00oz
Husqvarna 339xp 9lbs.02oz
Husqvarna 435 9lbs.09oz
RedMax gz4000 9lbs.11oz
Homelite 150 9lbs.14oz

Echo cs-400 10lbs.04oz
Stihl ms 241 c-m 10lbs.09oz
Echo 500p 10lbs.09oz
Dolmar ps-420 10lbs.11oz
Stihl ms 026 10lbs.15oz

Husqvarna 550 xp 11lbs.03oz
Husqvarna 350 11lbs.04oz
Husqvarna 346oe 11lbs.04oz
Husqvarna 346ne 11lbs.07oz
Makita DCS 540 11lbs.09oz
Husqvarna 55 rancher 11lbs.12oz
Stihl ms 261 c-m 11lbs.14oz

Dolmar ps-5100s 12lbs.03oz
Dolmar ps-5105 12lbs.04oz
Stihl ms 034 12lbs.05oz
Dolmar ps-510 12lbs.06oz
Poulan 5020 12lbs.06oz
Husqvarna 254xp 12lbs.08oz
Husqvarna 555 12lbs.08oz

Jonsered CS 2258 12lbs.09oz
Stihl ms 361 12lbs.13oz
Husqvarna 562 xp 12lbs.13oz
Stihl ms 036 12lbs.14oz

Efco 156 13lbs.00oz
Husqvarna 357xp 13lbs.01oz
Husqvarna 262xp 13lbs.03oz
Husqvarna 460 Rancher 13lbs.04oz
Dolmar ps-6100w 13lbs.04oz
Echo 590 13lbs.05oz
Echo CS-600P 13lbs.07oz
Husqvarna 455 Rancher 13lbs.09oz

Stihl ms 044 14lbs.01oz
Echo 620pw 14lbs.02oz
Husqvarna 372xp 14lbs.02oz
Husqvarna 365 sp 14lbs.04oz
Jonsered 049 sp 14lbs.04oz
Husqvarna 365 x-torq 14lbs.06oz

Stihl ms 460 14lbs.09oz
dolmar ps-7900 14lbs.10oz
Stihl ms 046 mag 14lbs.12oz
Stihl ms 461 14lbs.15oz

dolmar ps-6400 15lbs.00oz
Stihl ms 441 15lbs.01oz
Husqvarna 65 Practica 15lbs.03oz
Stihl ms 064 15lbs.04oz
Husqvarna 575xp 15lbs.05oz
Husqvarna 576 xp 15lbs.07oz
Stihl ms 460 wrap 15lbs.09oz
Solo 681 15lbs.11oz
Stihl ms 461 wrap 15lbs.12oz

Husqvarna 390 xp 16lbs.03oz
Husqvarna 385xp 16lbs.07oz
Husqvarna 288 xp lite 16lbs.08oz
Husqvarna 288 xp 16lbs.12oz

Stihl ms 661 wrap 17lbs.00oz
Husqvarna 394xp 18lbs.06oz
McCulloch 125sp 24lbs.09oz
McCulloch 890 28lbs.09oz
Title: Re: McCulloch sp125c weight
Post by: Cut4fun . on July 13, 2019, 10:41:45 am
McCulloch sp125c weight

Title: Re: Misc PHO weight
Post by: Cut4fun . on November 06, 2020, 10:39:08 am
Bunch od chainsaw PHO misc weights to save too