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Title: Homemade Poulan fuel cap S25AV S25 S25DA 25D 10123 530010123
Post by: Cut4fun . on July 06, 2017, 07:48:12 pm
Cant find the thread where I put the homemade fuel cap ics and info. So starting this thread for folks. 

Just in case you want to make your own cap.

Poulan S25AV S25 CVA S25DA 25D 10123 fuel cap 530010123

Copy Paste info. Guy making and selling is asking $20 and $4.50 shipping.

Poulan  Counter Vibe Fuel Cap similar to 530010123 using a BMW 11437715430 oil cap and 69451 Homelite check valve.
 A small hole was drilled in the center of the oil cap to allow air into the fuel tank.  The check will keep fuel from coming out.  A 10/32 screw is included to remove the check valve holder which is a tight press fit.  The cap screws on perfectly on S25 saws with some slop for expansion.  It measures the same as the factory cap on minor and major thread diameters. I cut the threads on the oil cap to match the fuel tank. I don't know how the components will react to ethanol, so I advise you to use ethanol free fuel.  There may be slight variations from the pictures as each is made by hand.  The latest BMW caps don't have OEL on the top.  There is a brass compression tubing insert pressed in one end to hold the check valve tight.

8 pics below