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Title: Air Filter oil
Post by: Cut4fun . on February 16, 2020, 10:15:10 am
Which filter oil to use on those foam filters.

Jason Egan =  belray foam filter oil. You want the nastiest, tackiest oil u can find. When cleaning, soak filter in gas to cut the oil, then run under water to restore the filters shape

me = what brand was it that was getting suked into the carbs ?

JE = k&n

 JE =  Filter is only as good as the oil youíre using. If the oil is thin and not tacky, youíll pull oil out of the filter. A dry filter doesnít filter. You can use any oil you like, but youíll be re oiling all the time
Using belray, Iíd clean/re oil my filter 1-2/month. Thatís was running saw at 30hrs/week