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Sorry to hear about your major surgery Ridgehead. But getting it done is a number one priority for you and you can then get back to a normal life.
I was talking to my wife and seeing she's doing the major organizing of the trip, we will only be outside of London to see Stone Henge. So a trip up north will have to wait to another time when we plan to see that area with a Scotland trip in a few years.
Looks like there's lots to see in the big city.
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It certainly is that, drives me nuts being so limited in what I can do at the moment. Lucky I can still bimble about the farm at home and tinker with saws n things in my shed. Literally been through all mine and my friends machines just to keep from going crazy haha! Hopefully next year will be the start of something good though. Yeah there is loads to see down in London, only been on a couple of fleeting visits myself but would love to check out the Natural History Museum some day. And I noticed there was a canal boat museum too, that is something I would like to check out too. Not to everyones taste I know, but my dads family lived on the boats for several generations and as a kid I grew up by the canals before we moved to a farm up in the hills. Stone Henge is great, keep an eye out for druids! Hope you and yours have a great trip, and maybe catch you in a few years if you come this way  :)

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Yes it's always nice to know someone to meet with while traveling in their country. Especially someone interested in saws haha.
Looks like the weather in London will be sunny in the forecast and not too much rain. But even rain will be a nice change from the months of snow we have here.
We got a room booked on the edge of Hyde Park for 10 nights. Checking in on Friday 24th.
We have 3 young daughters with us, twin 10 yrs old and a 13yr old. Their big interest is Harry Potter and Legoland so my wife and I have lots to endure. :D
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Re: Husky 2101xp & Danarm 110 Auto service manuals...
« Reply #13 on: November 05, 2017, 09:02:40 am »
Could anyone point me in the right direction for workshop/service manuals for Husqvarna 2101xp and Danarm 110 Automatic? Ta muchly.
From what I read very few differences in the 2100,2100cd and 2101. The few differences statement is based on this thread.

Barretts has 3 ipl versions for the 2101, you can download the one you want.
Check your messages for links to a 2100 service manual and a 2101 operators manual.
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